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About Sarhad

I was lucky to locate some old photographs, dating back to 1912-13, when my great grandfather, Sardar Raghubir Singh Jaspal, was a student of Government College, Lahore. He later joined service with the Maharaja of Kapurthala. I remember my great grandmother proudly reminding us all that her husband was the first MA in English Literature in Kapurthala state. My great grandfather was a voracious reader and prolific writer in English.

According to my great grandfather, Professor Wathan was apparently one one of the most erudite scholars in the Government College, Lahore, faculty in the 1920s, but was robbed of his due as Principal of the great institution by the machinations of some undeserving colleagues .

My grandfather too did his graduation from Government College, Lahore. He stayed with his uncle who had a huge bungalow in Model town which boasted of a swimming pool and tennis court. Apparently during his time, Lahore was a more happening place. My grandfather also studied French, and once even confided to me that he narrowly missed getting a role in a Hollywood movie.


The partition of India was one of the most traumatic events of the twentieth century. The Radcliffe Line, which severed Punjab into two–East Punjab on the Indian side and West Punjab on the Pakistan side– resulted in the greatest displacement of human population in human memory.
Today, the world has moved on. Whenever Punjabis visit either side of the border, there is an unmistakable feeling that a part of the Punjabi psyche and soul resides in the other half.


Welcome to the restaurant with a difference! SARHAD,meaning border in English,is located just 1.5 kms from the world’s most heavily guarded India-Pakistan border at Wagah.


The border, once witness to the horrors of Partition, is today one of India’s most touristy places. The moment you set foot on SARHAD, it is hard to miss the vibrant soul of this property and the resounding message of peace it promotes. The building is inspired from the architecture that adores the old Lahore and old Amritsar, giving you a prelude to the finer overall theme of the place which brings together the best of pre-partition Punjab.


Enjoy the hand panted trucks and panels from the leading truck artist Haider Ali from Karachi. The ceramic jaalis of Lahore’s famous Michu artist add elegance to the restaurant dining area. Admire the handmade furniture of Ana’s Zafar of Lahore. Be amazed by India’s largest wall mural in cement telling the story of Partition.  Finally, do not miss the rare artifacts and archives on display from the Pre-partition Punjab.


Now settle down for a culinary delight from the best cuisine of Amritsar and Lahore right at the Wagah border.

From the streets of Lahore try the sumptuous kebabs and kadai (frying pan) meats. For vegetarian lovers try our Amritsari delicacies of daals (pulses), kulchas and sesonal vegetables slow cooked in desi ghee (clarified butter).


Do not miss the range of beverages imported by Sarhad from across the border, Muree Non Alcoholic Beers, Joshanda Teas, and Quarshi Sharbats. Finally, indulge the sweetness of Amritsar and Lahore with locally made desserts and Pakistani imported Khalifa Khatai.

Aman Jaspal Director, SARHAD

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