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Amritsar-Lahore Food Fest

Amritsar-Lahore Food Fest

24 May, 2017


Amritsar-Lahore Food Fest

Amritsar’s iconic SARHAD restaurant, situated midway between Amritsar and Lahore, barely 1.5 kilometres from the Indo-Pak border at Wagah on the Indian side, is a unique effort at promoting Indo-Pak PEACE THRU FOOD. SARHAD offers a range of Lahori and Amritsari cuisine in a distinctive pre-partition ambience.

This PEACE THRU FOOD mission has also been recognized by the Harvard Business School, which selected SARHAD as a project for its MBA 2013 class.

In September 2016 SARHAD was invited to join ten of the world’s top Chefs and restauranteurs at the Paris Food Show organized by Le Fooding to present “essential dish from different countries, religions or cultures in conflict with each other who come together through their shared gastronomy.”

Since food has always been central to bringing people, especially Punjabis, together, SARHAD has taken the initiative to commemorate PARTITION 70 by hosting the AMRITSAR-LAHORE FOOD FESTIVAL (ALFF).  

The theme of the ALFF 2017 is to celebrate reconciliation, life and peace around and through food and to promote peace among men and women at different levels- culinary and cultural. Good food always tastes better in the company of good music and art. The ALFF 2017 will therefore be not only about Amritsari-Lahori cuisine but also celebrate Indo-Pak fusion music, films, photography, handicrafts etc

We are confident that the AMRITSAR-LAHORE FOOD FESTIVAL  at SARHAD will not only attract lovers of food and peace, but also promote friendly feelings among people on both sides of the border.

It is proposed to launch ALFF at SARHAD, Wagah border, Amritsar, on August 12, 2017 to coincide with 70 years of Partition of India and Pakistan. We propose to follow up with a ALFF 2017 edition at Lahore.

SARHAD invites restauranteurs and chefs from Indian and Pakistan Punjab to contribute to peace by participating in the inaugural AMRITSAR-LAHORE FOOD FESTIVAL at SARHAD, Wagah border, Amritsar from August 12-20, 2017

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