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Wagah Ceremony Timings

Take a LUNCH BREAK AT SARHAD, the last restaurant 1 km from Wagah border, before proceeding to Ceremony.

Entry gate opening time : 3:00 PM
Foreigners Entry gate opening time : 3:30 PM
Start of Flag Lowering ceremony : 6:00 PM
Close of Flag Lowering ceremony: 6:25 PM


Distance from Sarhad Restaurant

To Wagah border entry gate:                                   1.5 km

Other important distances:

Sector. Distance Taxi time
Golden Temple to Sarhad: 32 kms 40 mts
Rail Station to Sarhad: 28 kms 35 mts
Airport to Sarhad: 35 kms 42 mts
Hyatt hotel to Sarhad: 29 kms 35 mts
Radisson Blu to Sarhad: 28 kms 35 mts
Golden Tulip. 28 kms 35 mts
Ramada. 32  kms 40  mts
Holiday Inn. 33  kms 42 mts

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